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Hunter Businesses Key to NSW's Accelerated Climate Plans

Engaging the business community will be key to the successful delivery of the state's ambitious climate agenda, according to the regions peak business organisation Business Hunter.

The NSW Government today upgraded its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, from 35% to 50% emissions reduction by 2030.

"This morning's announcement that NSW intends to halve its emissions by 2030 is commendable and ambitious but won’t be without challenges,” said Business Hunter CEO, Bob Hawes.

"The Government has outlined its plan to involve the business community more deeply in climate policy over the coming decade, however the detail is still to be decided.

“Business Hunter is engaging and anxious to work with Minister Kean’s office to ensure the region has a clear understanding of what and how the government seeks to achieve this newly stated ambition and we’ll be working through the Implementation Update accordingly.

“In the Hunter region, we need to ensure in supporting the emissions target we take advantage of the energy transition already occurring and make sure the outcome is balanced in securing jobs and keeping the lights on.

“It is vital that all energy policies are matched to incentives to reduce emissions without deterring or destroying productive business activity,” Mr Hawes said.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the major concerns for business owners as reported in Business NSW’s regular Business Conditions Survey were the rising costs of energy prices, as well as the reliability of supply.

Businesses across the Hunter are very interested in supporting energy transition, so we need to work even more closely with government and the business community to ensure that the necessary transitions in skills, supply chains, infrastructure and investment to meet this new policy target are supported and enabled,Mr Hawes said.

“As the nation’s strongest regional economy, the Hunter is in a good position to show other regions and states how to contribute to achieving a robust Australia-wide solution as the best way to ensuring the most efficient and effective action to tackle climate change,” said Mr Hawes. 


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