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The Regions peak business organisation, Business Hunter has congratulated the candidates that were successful in electorates across the Hunter in Saturday’s national vote.

"Being elected to public office is a privilege of the highest order and we wish all the elected representatives every success in delivering for their communities across the region” said Business Hunter, CEO Bob Hawes.

"We'll be pushing for early engagement with the local members and new ministerial offices to build on the constructive conversations had prior to and during the election campaign to make sure the challenges and opportunities for business in the region are well understood and front of mind," Mr Hawes added

"We have an invitation standing with the new Prime Minister’s office and we’ll be re-engaging with his new team to arrange a visit to the region at the first opportunity to facilitate a formal visit early in the period of the new government.

Business Hunter will also be continuing to press on issues we identified in our Powering Business white paper issued during the election campaign, and have the incoming government understand and commit to doing what is necessary for the Hunter to achieve business and economic growth for the Hunter but also nationally. Our white paper makes this extremely simple."

"Business Hunter is really pleased that Mr Albanese in his victory speech acknowledged the new energy economy and the focus the nation needs to develop the renewable energy industry and the Hunter is front and centre of that opportunity. 2022 to 2050 is really the Hunter's era in this space," Mr Hawes said.

“We're also excited that we'll be able to work with the new government to deliver on some important commitments made during the recent Federal Budget and election campaign including funding for advancing the hydrogen industry at the Port of Newcastle and the Newcastle airport terminal upgrade along with a range of other economic and social infrastructure projects,” Mr Hawes said.

“Make no mistake, we still have some significant challenges ahead of us. Whilst a new and fresh approach may provide some lift in sentiment, we need to be working well together to make sure we can overcome the hurdles such as the issues we have currently in workforce growth and attraction as well as any signal from government that they will address the issue of adequate and affordable supply of housing.


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