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 Business Hunter Welcomes Consultation Phase of Hunter Regional Plan

The region’s peak business organisation, Business Hunter has welcomed Wednesday’s release of the NSW Government’s Draft Hunter Regional Plan 2041.

Business Hunter CEO Bob Hawes noted that in recent times, the NSW government’s ambitions were starting to better align with those of stakeholders in the region and said the team would be providing businesses with some analysis on how well this draft Plan proves this alignment.

“The Plan outlines a scope of eight objectives that incorporates the state’s net zero targets as well as increasing our resilience to shocks and overall sustainability for the region,” Mr Hawes said.

“We’ll be keen to understand how these initiatives will be achieved and how businesses in the region can be brought along the journey to capitalise on the opportunities in the implementation of the 2041 strategy.”

“In particular we are interested to learn more about the foreshadowed ’15-minute region’ and how this approach to urban and regional connectivity will recognise and cater to the significant characteristic differences of community and business across the region,” Mr Hawes said.

Business Hunter emphasised it was critical that the Draft Hunter Regional Plan lined up closely with the strategic objectives of state transport and infrastructure plans that are essential to assimilate if the region-wide vision and strategy of the Plan are to be realised.

“It’s our job to now connect the business community with the ambitions of this Plan and we are very keen to get the business perspective on how this will all play out in real terms,” Mr Hawes said.

The Draft Hunter Regional Plan is on Public Exhibition until March 4. Business Hunter will be hosting briefing sessions in the new year to feedback on the Plan.



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